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Find the last news about iphone. Politics, science, health, sports and social news How old is my iPhone? this is a very common question for iPhone users. Sometimes it is important to know the iPhone's age.If you are buying or selling a used iPhone, you need to know the age of the iPhone, because knowing the age will help you to find out the purchase date, how old it is, etc To find out how old your iPhone is, you first need the serial number of your iPhone. You can find it in the Settings under General → About → Serial Number. Using the serial number you now have two ways to determine the age of your iPhone. The first option is via an Apple support page where you can check the warranty status of your iPhone Question: Q: How to find out how old your iPhone is. Is there a way I can find out how old my iphone is? Thanks [Re-Titled by Moderator] More Less. iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2 Posted on May 8, 2015 8:42 AM. Reply I have this question too (1494) I have this. Yes off course you can find age of your iPhone, with the help of IMEI number which is printed on back of your iPhone. You can also get it from Inside settings -> General -> about your device. Your iPhone serial are not just randomly generated, It.

Everyone owns a smartphone in today's era, but have you ever wondered that how old your phone is? Yes, our phones also have age, we can check the age of our smartphone through some simple steps. We always care about purchasing good second hand or refurbished mobile phones, so that we can get all o Wondering how old your phone is? Some manufacturers make it really easy, others make it really hard to check your phone's manufacture date iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models sold in Japan—A1779 and A1785—contain FeliCa for payment and transit with Apple Pay. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are still preinstalled and available on iOS 9 and later. Some features are not available in all countries or regions. Maps will be available in Big Sur this fall. Find My can locate AirPods and play a sound if they are within Bluetooth range of an iOS device signed in to iCloud How to remove an Apple ID from an iPhone without a password. As long as the Find My iPhone feature is turned off, you can still easily sign out of an Apple ID without having the password. To sign out directly on iPhone, do the following: Open the Settings app. Tap the Apple ID account. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Sign Out. Confirm Sign Out

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I decided it was time to get my kids an iPhone, but first, let me explain why. WE GOT MERCH: https://www.theloyalist.com/jesssfam CONFUSED? HERE'S OUR STORY:.. The iPhone is a line of touchscreen-based smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The first-generation iPhone was announced by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Since then Apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates Today we will be telling you How you can find the age of your iPhone. This will help you when you are selling or planning to buy a used iPhone. So, Follow this guide and find out How old is your iPhone? iPhone Age By Serial Number: In this method, you have to find the serial number first My four-year-old iPhone . My wife and I each have a 2015-vintage iPhone 6s Plus. In the years since we bought those iPhones, Apple has introduced five generations of new phones If you have anything older than an iPhone 5S: congratulations. You have an old iPhone! Not that that is a bad thing, as those phones are still perfectly capable of doing most tasks. Indeed, had I not dropped my iPhone 4S into a river, I would likely still be using it to this day

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We don't need no stinkin' new iPhone:These older-model 5S owners don't want one My iPhone 6 Plus still going strong, wrote Twitter user @Lezzley. Just needed to replace the battery and it works. The battery on my iPhone 6s is something of a disaster at this point. During the short time I've had it installed, things haven't seemed any worse under iOS 14. Which I guess has to go down as a plus

An unlocked iPhone can be used on any network, while a locked handset is tied to just one. The iPhones you pay full price for (typically from the Apple Store ) are unlocked by default Apple Trade In. Turn the device you have into the one you want. Trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase, or get an Apple Gift Card you can use anytime. 1 If your device isn't eligible for credit, we'll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet How much is my iPhone worth? If you're wondering where to sell your old iPhone for the most money, you're in the right place. We pay the most for a huge range of iPhone handsets and we pay on the same day your items arrive too. Here's how to get the best price for your iPhone

By how old you mean when was it first buyed ? - Matthieu Riegler Aug 30 '13 at 13:48. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 2. This website seems My iPhone is showing an orange dot in the status bar every time I make a phone call Declining PhD Interview. Even better, if you've got old or damaged phones at home, we accept these too, at a re-evaluated price. We've been in the business for over 10 years, so our service for trading in old iPhones is top notch - try us out today and sell your iPhone online with Envirofone

(Unlocked, good condition, Swappa average prices for September 2020) On Swappa, the 64GB iPhone SE is worth $142, while the higher 128GB iPhone SE is around $164. iPhone SE prices start at $50 and go up to $245 depending on the condition, carrier and storage size.. Apple introduced the iPhone SE in March 2016, at a retail price of $399 (16GB) and $499 (64GB) As opposed to last year, when users of the 2013 iPhone 5s and the 2014 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were left behind in the jump to iOS 13, this year's update supports all iPhone models that supported iOS 13

Your old iPhone is worth big bucks. Here's why. Share Shares Copy Link Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 11:01 AM EDT Oct 17, 2020 By Rishi Iyengar. If you're still holding on to an old iPhone, whether it's an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 6, we have some tips to help you keep it running as long as possible. Unfortunately, eventually, your best bet. Firstly, swapping your old iPhone with a cellular carrier for a new device is a terrible investment — your iPhone 5 is worth much more than its trade-in value. And if tragedy befalls your new.

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  1. I've looked on my old iphone which was purchased ''almost new'' from Vodafone and has the initial M like brand new. It wasn't brand new for sure because of the faults it had. At least I've paid the right price for it. Reply. RMR says: June 30, 2018 at 8:51 a
  2. d paying $2.99, IMEI.info is a great, very professional website that will tell you for a small fee; just follow the 3 Quick Steps, on this page to take the paid route
  3. The truth is a dead iPhone does not affect the location tracking ability of iCloud. All that needs to be done is to enable Find My iPhone on your iPhone before it got lost. Enabling Find My iPhone & Send Last Location Option. For obvious reasons, you not only need to enable Find My iPhone from your iPhone settings but also turn on Send Last.
  4. Backup to iCloud & transfer/restore all apps/data/content from your old previous iOS device to a new iPhone XS/XS Max, iPad, or iPod touch, sync all photos/v..

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Is My iPhone Still Water Resistant After Repairs? Apple-approved service shouldn't affect your iPhone's water resistance, but third-party repairs could result in your iPhone not being waterproof afterward. Lastly, plain old bad luck can also affect how waterproof your iPhone is Knowing what network an iPhone uses can be important for trying to repurpose an old device, buying a used iPhone, or simply to determine if a particular iPhone will work on a network of choice. While the iPhones top status bar will show the carrier name of an active cellular network, if the device isn't activated or doesn't have a SIM card, it won't display anything other than No.

Gave my old Iphone 5S to my nephew. He got a new one but by the time he returned my old phone he forgot the password. his father swears they already deleted it from their icloud. Phone is disabled trying to remember the password. It's mine. I bought it originally can i ship it to Apple or do a hard factory reset on the phone If you're using an iPhone 4S or a newer device, you'll have to disable Find My iPhone. To do so, tap the main Settings icon when viewing the home screen, select iCloud , and tap Find My iPhone Here are 16 ways to use your old iPhone now you have invested in a brand new smartphone. You could sell you old iPhone. Apple's iPhones hold their value really well Here, you will see the remaining battery capacity of your iPhone. To give you an estimation, I'm seeing 89% battery capacity on my iPhone XR after 1.5 years of general use Whether you're trading in your old iPhone for a discount on a new one, selling it, or giving it away, you're going to want to erase all your data first

The iPhone (colloquially known as the iPhone 2G, the first iPhone, and iPhone 1 after 2008 to differentiate it from later models) is the first smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. After years of rumors and speculation, it was officially announced in January 2007, and was released in the United States in June How to set up a new iPhone from your old iPhone. If you've been using iCloud to backup your old iPhone then you can set up your new one using that backup. Follow the setup prompts on your new iPhone until you get to the Apps & Data screen. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. Choose a backup Step 5: Now you can set up the iPhone from scratch. You can restore the old back up from iCloud to make the process smooth as ever. For Mac running macOS Catalina. With macOS Catalina, Apple has removed iTunes from the Mac.Now, you can just connect the device to Mac and use the Finder menu to see the device details

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  1. As we mentioned in the introduction, the easiest way to tell if an iPhone is unlocked or assigned to a certain telephone network is to introduce a different SIM card from a different network and see whether it works.. However, there are alternative ways of finding out, and to implement them, you need to know the IMEI of your iPhone.To find out, dial *#06# in to your iPhone and the IMEI number.
  2. 1. Find Old Messages by scanning the iPhone (Supports iOS 14) Whether you have lost your messages or you are looking for some of your old messages, one of the simplest ways to find them is to use iMyFone D-Back.This data recovery tool is perfect for scanning your iPhone to find any missing messages or locating old messages on your device
  3. iPhone 4 and 4s. The truth of the matter is that you probably won't be able to sell your iPhone 4 or 4s anymore. The devices have been obsolete for a full cycle and they're essentially useless at this point to anyone who still wants good service, iOS updates, and quite frankly, a phone that works the way they want it to

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  1. How to sell your old Android phone or iPhone easily online and get cash for it. How do I sell my phone? Get the most cash for your old mobile. By Alex Hughes 02 September 2020
  2. #3: Check iPhone Storage by IMEI Code using IMEI Checker. The storage size on iPhone can be checked by imei code. To do that, follow the steps below: First you will need to find the imei code of the device. Now you need to visit the imei checker page. Enter your imei code and hit enter. The app will show you how many GB your iPhone is
  3. Most trade-in sites won't accept your old iPhone or iPad if Find My iPhone isn't disabled, and if you sell an iOS device with the feature still turned on, the new owner won't be able to use it.
  4. If you recently upgraded to an iPhone XR ($749 at Amazon) or XS, however, then you might have discovered that the old force restart method no longer works. And if you never knew or can't remember.
  5. Again it's important to note that Find My iPhone must to be disabled before you go to reset your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. You can do this from your device or remotely in iCloud to turn off Find My iPhone. The following are step-by-step instructions on how to turn it OFF and ON from your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus:. Steps to Turn ON Find My iPhone
  6. Keeping your old iPhone For many people, keeping an old iPhone around makes plenty of sense. After all, every iPhone beginning with the iPhone 5 can run Apple's latest iteration of iOS 10, so.

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A SIM card is the easiest way for us to transfer a phone number from your old phone to another. This also makes it easy for you to change your carrier when you travel as long as your iPhone is unlocked. It can also help you to store contacts of other people and text messages. Part 3. Seven Ways on How to Fix iPhone Not Detecting Sim Car Tap Find My iPhone and change the setting to While Using the App. Then close Settings, close the app, and reopen it. Now, it should be able to use your location information. 3. Report The Problem. If your iPhone location is still wrong, but only in one app, there may be a problem with the app's software An old iPhone is also an excellent first or second smartphone for kids and teenagers. Don't forget to set up the parental control app Screen Time if you go this route. If your old iPhone doesn't work well, consider recycling it. You can also try to sell it on eBay

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  1. With each new design iteration, new iPhone repair challenges arise and old ones are remedied. Though Apple may tell you otherwise, all of these devices are user-serviceable with the help of our repair guides, found in each of the device pages above. Troubleshooting
  2. Is my iPhone about to become obsolete? I bought it just three years ago and I won't be very pleased if Apple stop supporting it Sat 24 Aug 2019 02.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 28 Aug 2019 07.42 ED
  3. Almost every iPhone still in use these days has been upgraded to iOS 10 or higher, but if you're trying to track an old iPhone and can't figure out why it's not working, this could be the reason. As mentioned earlier, iOS 7 brought with it an important new feature to prevent thieves from being able to do anything useful with a stolen phone
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I have returned the old phone and am getting daily text messages that the phone will be returned to me in 5 days if I do not turn off Find My iPhone. When I log in to iCloud (using instructions found at Find My iPhone: Remove your device ) to turn the find iPhone off, it asks for the two step verification code, which I assume is being sent to the old phone, which Verizon has, and is DEAD To enable Find my iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, tap the settings icon from your home screen, then your name, and iCloud. This will take you to the main menu of Apple's cloud. 2. Backup your old iPhone's data: This way, if you're upgrading, you can transfer it onto your new device. If you already have a new device and have it up to date, forget about it of course! 3. Wipe your iPhone before sale: delete all the data before you sell using our how to wipe the iPhone guide. 4 But you have to be smart about where you sell your phone. Typically, if you opt to value and trade-in your handset in-store, an ATM kiosk machine or through a carrier you'll be getting paid much less than the smartphones worth (and often only get vouchers or credit rather than cash)

When people see my iPhone they're like, My God, man, do you have some kind of crazy phone virus? It's got no web browser. No email. No Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook Sell iPhone. To sell your old iPhone or not to sell, that is the question. Considering how valuable iPhones are, even after depreciation, it's really a no-brainer. We hear from customers all the time, who say, I need fast cash but I don't know how to sell my iPhone. Gazelle is a super-fast and efficient way to sell iPhones, no matter where you.

Find My iPhone: How to Turn Off Find My iPhone, Three Easy Methods Find my iPhone is an Apple security feature that can help you locate a missing or stolen iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by signing into icloud.com or using the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Find my iPhone is essentially an iPhone tracker that can help locate your missing device even if the battery is. If you don't regularly back up your iPhone, you could use third-party recovery software to restore your files. PhoneRescue for iOS is quite professional in data recovery - just connect the iPhone to the computer, scan it and you will see the old iMessages and other data on it. And also, it could restore your iMessages from iTunes/iCloud. How do I request for my phone to be unlocked from Verizon? So, if you bought your phone outright; or, just wait the 60-days, you shouldn't have to request Verizon to unlock your iPhone — it should already be ready to roll onto another carrier's service NHS Covid-19 app - Does it work on my mobile and can old iPhones download it? Harry Pettit, On iPhone, you can check what version of iOS you're using by heading to the Settings app


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How do I sell my iPhone? Do you have an old iPhone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we'll give you the cash. The sooner you complete your iPhone trade-in, the more we'll pay. And the best part? If you decide to sell your iPhone, we promise to pay you 100% of the price quoted or we'll send you your mobile back free of. If your old phone is an iPhone, use your old phone to create a backup, then restore the backup on your new iPhone. If your old phone is an Android device, download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store. Once that is finished, click on Move from Android on your new phone and then follow the instructions A first-class device - an iPhone SX, as opposed to an XR, for example. Sell my phone. Popular brands, such as Apple or Samsung, will usually be worth the most. Right now, for example, we list the iPhone XS Max in good condition, with 64GB of data, for almost £700

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In this article we have explained how to check if iPhone is backed up and the additional tips for you to extract and restore the device data as well. Keep reading to know more. 1. How to Check if iPhone Is Backed Up. You can easily check whether your iPhone is backed up or not If my response answered your question please click the Correct Answer button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this Many people wondered how accurate Find My iPhone is. Just as we described in this article, Find My iPhone app uses GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi signals to ascertain the device's location. And if there is a lack of one of those elements, it may be not that accurate

If you planning to break away from your old device like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and even iPhone 5S, you can not miss this article. To get rid of your old iPhone doesn't mean that to discard your data on the old phone. So, when buying a new phone, the first thing that you need to do is transfer data from your old iPhone to new iPhone Disconnect the old iPhone from computer and connect your new iPhone SE to the computer with USB cable. Step 4. Transfer data to your new iPhone SE. Select the task in Backup Management and click Restore. You could still double-check the files in that backup by clicking an icon The #HowOldRobot guesses how old you look using Machine Learning Find out how much you can get for trading in or selling your old iPhone and what you need to do to clear your phone before you sell it

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Have you ever opened the Find My iPhone section of iCloud only to find devices that you have sold years ago and no longer have in possession to still be there. If yes, then you are not alone. In this step by step tutorial we will show you how you can remove old and inactive Apple devices from Find My iPhone Preparation 2: Remove your iPhone from online iCloud account . If you are going to sell the old iPhone to others, it makes sense to remove the device from your iCloud account. You just need to sign into icloud.com and choose Find My iPhone. Then choose your iPhone from all devices and click Remove from Account. How to sign out the previous. From my experience dealing with mostly Macs and a few iPods and iOS devices, F model numbers are refurbished while N model numbers are simply replacement devices. These may be new or refurbished, Apple doesn't differentiate. My iPhone 4s was defective out of the box and I had it replaced in store on launch day. It had N model number If both your old iPhone and new iPhone are running iOS 12.4 or later, then you can use the data migration feature to set up your new device with the old one's content and settings. Here are the steps of how to transfer data to a new iPhone with iPhone Migration: Step 1. Turn on your new iPhone and place it near your old iPhone. Step 2 In my opinion, this is the best, fastest, and most reliable method to move data from old iPhone to new iPhone. Similar to the iCloud transfer method, this too has two process - First is to backup your old iPhone to a computer. The second is to restore the backup to the new iPhone. Backup old iPhone to computer: Step #1

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Here's my theory: If we can look at the average market price for the last few generations of iPhone, we can use those to estimate how much value your iPhone loses every year It's easy to tell if your iPhone is charging when it's turned on, but a little more difficult when it's powered off. Here's what you need to know

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- Ron. A: Unfortunately this is a known problem with iOS when changing your Apple ID. Basically, content that was purchased before you changed your Apple ID remains associated with the name of the old Apple ID. This most commonly becomes an issue when updating apps; since iOS just reads whatever is stored in the actual app header, you end up getting prompted for the name of that prior Apple ID Must read: Apple seems to have forgotten about the whole 'it just works' thing Now, you could just throw $29 at Apple and hope that this will speed up your old iPhone, giving it a reprieve. Here's how you can cash in on your old iPhone News. by: Nexstar Media Wire. Posted: Oct 19, 2020 / 05:19 AM CDT / Updated: Oct 19, 2020 / 05:19 AM CDT How to unlock your iPhone/iPad? If your iPhone is showing a message on its screen that says it's disabled, you may not know what's going on. It may seem even.. Many old mobile phones can still be reused and can be worth a lot of money. Mazuma Mobile are Australia's leading mobile phone reuse service and allow customers to sell their old phones for cash. To find out if what your mobile phone is worth, simply type in your model to get an instant valuation

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Not only Quick Start can transfer data from your previous iPhone to your new iPhone 11, we have Syncios Data Transfer which supports to transfer 13 types of data from old iPhone to iPhone 11 directly. You can also use it to restore iCloud and iTunes backups to iPhone 11 I want to pass along an old iPhone 4s to my kids to use for texting, FaceTime, or to email their friends. I don't want to have it operate as an iPhone; I only want it to use a Wi-Fi connection This is the best response to what to do if I lose my iPhone in unknown circumstances. 4. In the case of having lost the mobile and believe it to be recoverable, such as not knowing where it is within your home area, we recommend you use the application Search for my iPhone to locate it

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If you're one of the many who have just gotten Apple's new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or Pro Max, you need to get all of the apps and data from your old iPhone onto your new one. Here's how On the Apple Store you can trade in for credit on your old iPhone. Its not as much as on Carphone Warehouse, although Apple's upgrade programme, where you pay monthly to upgrade annually to their.

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Find My iPhone activation lock does a great job in privacy protection on iOS devices. But in the case that you got a second-hand iPhone without iCloud password, you're hooked in the trouble. Now let's check effective ways and tips about how to remove Find My iPhone activation lock without previous owner Your old iPhone can be an easy, harmless way to entertain children. Not only can they use it for games, but they can also read and draw on it The 4-year-old SE shipped in 2015 and includes an A9 chip, the same processor as used in the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and 2017 iPad, all of which (the rumor claims) WILL be supported by iOS 13 If you own an older iPhone, you may be wondering if you should buy Apple's new iPhone SE. We break down the benefits and drawbacks of swapping your current iPhone for Cupertino's latest midrange.

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Find my iPhone is available on any iOS device which is supported with iOS 5 or later versions. Means it's even compatible with iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPod Touch, iPad and of course all the later versions of Apple products. You just need to have a valid iCloud account to track your lost device. 2 You decided to switch banks and close old credit cards. Whatever your reason might be, you're here because you want to learn how to delete your credit card information from your iPhone - so let's just cut to the chase. I can't remove my debit card from my iPhone, when I go to the settings,. How to Re-install Older Version of iPhone or iPad Apps . Note: This simple trick will work with only those apps that were once compatible with the iOS version running on your device. For instance, Facebook had the support of iOS 7. Hence, you can download the app even if it doesn't support that iOS version

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I am tempted to run 14.0.2 on my iPhone 6s Plus but 13.5 has the best battery and I got a new battery last July-2020.I feel the widgets might slow down the old 6sPlus.My iPhone 11(11.6.1) has excellent battery life,I get from 08:00 > 22:00 left but I turn of location services and background apps that I don't use.I will wait for iOS 14 for better battery life for my 11 as I will keep. How do I get my old photos from iCloud to my iPhone? When switching or upgrading to another version of the iPhone, follow these steps. You can get your old photos and transfer them to your new phone. Go to Settings on your iPhone. Tap your name and select iCloud from the menu

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If 'Find My iPhone' is already on, it should be in the list when checking. 4. Select the device you want to erase. 5. Click Erase [device] and then click on 'Erase' to erase your device and its passcode. But please noticed that all the data in your iPhone will be cleared at the same time My old iPhone rings when I call my new one. Freaked me out. I upgraded from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6. Took the sim out of the 5 and put it in the iPhone 6. Did a full data reset on the iPhone 5. IPhone 5 has no sim but is connected to WiFi. I recieved a call today and both my iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 rang How can I sell my old and used iPhone? To tradeIn your iPhone simply provide us the model name and condition of your device and get instant quote. Get the best price for your old iPhone My wife just got a new iPhone and, rather than discard or trade in her OLD iPhone (6S, iOS 12.1.2), I'm keeping it, and using it as a WIFI-only device. In other words, I'm using it for apps like Spotify, Podcasts, Gmail, etc., accepting the fact that I can only do so when I'm connected to WIFI Buy My Phone - Earn Cash for your old phones. Buy-My-Phone.co.uk. Recycle and cash in your device today. Home; How it Works; About Us; Book A Repair; IPHONE 5 64GB £35.00. IPHONE 5C 32GB £30.00. GALAXY S3 I9300 £34.00. IPHONE 4S 64GB £5.00. IPHONE 5S 64GB £55.00. GALAXY NOTE 3 N9000 £110.00. ONE M

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus model both have 1GB RAM. As mentioned above, although the iPhone has efficient memory management, having a bunch of apps open together can slow down your iPhone's speed. How Do I Locate and Close Suspended Apps on My iPhone? To locate any apps that are suspended on your iPhone, start by double-clicking the home. With my new phone in hand and our professional photographer, Jax, in tow, I set out to find which 'camera' is better once and for all: my iPhone 8 Plus or a beginner-friendly DSLR camera. How we compared the iPhone and DSLR. As someone who is not a professional photographer, but rather an average human and travel blogger, my goal was to compare the photo quality and convenience of each. If you have a Verizon cell phone but want to switch carriers, you'll need to make sure it's unlocked first. Not all cell phones from all carriers come unlocked You don't need an active cell connection to make use of your old iPhone. Just connect to Wi-Fi and use it as a dedicated music streamer for Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or whatever else you like An iPhone is essentially a pocket-sized computer, and like any computer, it will generate heat when in use. However, unlike a laptop or desktop, it doesn't have a fan to cool it down when it gets hot. That being said, there are a number of reasons for why an iPhone or iPad might get hot. Here's a look at why this happens, what you can do to fix it, and when it may be time to visit an Apple. 9. Restart Your Old and Slow iPhone. Believe it or not, restarting an old iPhone (iPhone 5 or earlier) still is the most effective method to speed up a slow iPhone. Even though you shouldn't do it very often, but when necessary, restarting a slow iPhone will clear out the memory and can often fix unruly apps

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